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Insurance ® Information




Details of Coverage


˝ to 1˝ hp ProSurance ®

Residential Customer Product and Labor 5 Year Protection


 Goulds … Jet, Submersible, Effluent, and Sewage (models 3885, 3886, &3887) Pumps ˝ and 1˝ hp

Terms & Conditions – Product

Limitation of Liability

1. In consideration of payment of $50.00 for the purchase of the "Protection Plan" ("Protection Plan") of the Goulds pump or Hydro-Pro Tank identified and registered on this certificate, that covered product shall be repaired or replaced by a Goulds Pumps Authorized Dealer at no charge if a failure occurs within five years after date of installation. This Protection Plan covers residential applications only. This Protection Plan does not cover preventive maintenance, undiagnosed system failures or failures attributed to pipe, cable,controls, accessories, misuse, misapplication, use of products other than Goulds Pumps products, or repairs or adjustments other than by Goulds Pumps dealers. The Protection Plan does not cover any labor involved in pulling or reinstalling the covered product, even if there is a defect in that product.

2. The "Protection Plan" covers only the Goulds Pumps product listed on ProSurance® Eligible Model Number Listing (form 192-PS)for the five (5) year period set out on this certificate.

3. The "Protection Plan" is a service contract and it must be purchased no later than the time the covered equipment is initially installed. The "Protection Plan" becomes effective on the date of installation of the covered product and is not transferable from the original customer as registered on this certificate.

4. Should a covered product be replaced under this "Protection Plan", the replacement product will be covered for the remaining portion only of initial five year period covered under this "Protection Plan" (starting with the date of original installation). A new" Protection Plan" cannot be purchased for a covered product that was either originally installed or replaced under a "Protection Plan" that has expired.

5. The "Protection Plan" is an optional protection plan offered only through the Goulds distribution channel (Goulds Pumps Authorized Distributors). The decision whether to offer this plan to a customer is at the sole discretion of each Goulds Pumps dealer. A completed copy of the Protection Plan must be provided to the purchaser by the dealer. The dealer must mail to the Authorized Distributor and Goulds Pumps Customer Service copies of the customer registrations no later than ten days after installation.

6. A customer who believes that a claim exists under this "Protection Plan" must contact the Goulds Pumps dealer from whom the covered equipment was originally purchased and furnish complete details regarding the claim. All claims shall be adjusted by theGoulds Pumps dealer. The decision whether to repair or replace the covered product rests with the dealer.

This Protection Plan excludes to the fullest extent allowed by applicable state law:

(a) Labor, transportation and related costs incurred by the dealer.

(b) Reinstallation costs of repaired equipment;

(c ) Reinstallation costs of replacement equipment;

(d) Consequential, incidental, or other indirect damages, including damages for loss of use of the covered products; and

(e) Reimbursement for loss caused by interruption of service.


8. The "Protection Plan" is administered by Pepe Pump LLC


Terms & Conditions - Labor Option

Limitation of Liability

1. In consideration of the additional payment listed and shown on the LABOR OPTION part of the certificate, and at time of pump installation, (with the exception of the first 30 days, due to possible installation or setup errors), the Goulds Pumps Authorized Dealer agrees to include labor cost in pulling and reinstalling the Goulds pump or new Hydro-Pro Tank® identified and registered on the Goulds Pumps ProSurance® Five Year Protection Plan. All other terms and conditions of the Goulds Pumps ProSurance® Five Year Protection Plan apply

ProSurance ® Labor Option  Consumer Costs

Submersible Pump Setting

Consumer Pays

0-300'  $120
301-700' $160
701' Plus  $200